Founded by Fellows of the Golden Apple, The Golden Apple Academy are a group of people and organizations which distinguish themselves by working to advance equal access and fair distribution to education.


2016  Gail Ranshaw        gailr32@gmail.com

2017 Christine Beverly        beverly@aps.edu

2018 Jeff Tuttle                  oneofthejeffs@yahoo.com

2019 Paula Jackson          myyoga4me@gmail.com

Golden Apple Academy Members Are:

Janet Bruelhart
Tammy Crespin
Kristine Gracey
Steve Heil
Carol Johansen
Linda Johnson
Brita Judd
MaryHelen Kelly
Rosemary Kirby
Caroline Kline
Ginger Masoner
Don Oman
Barbara Pearlman
Susan Quintana
Gail Ranshaw
Pat Rivera
Anthony Rodriguez
Linda Sanchez
Theresa Sandoval
Eric Strauss
Lisa Todd
Jeff Tuttle
Rachel Weihe
Cristal Wilson
Golden Apple Academy members please
click here
 to go the “behind the scenes” site.If you would like to be a part of this, please send an email to oneofthejeffs@yahoo.com


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