Who We Are

Golden Apple Fellows are recognized as outstanding teachers by the Golden Apple Foundation of New Mexico, the GAFNM Board, by various media institutions throughout the state and by invested business communities including private and personal entities. Golden Apple Fellows are publically recognized and celebrated as outstanding teachers and are provided with monetary and material benefits as a result of that recognition. What makes this award and recognition different is that the Fellow works together within the academy to promote quality education for our future. The Academy of Fellows duties and responsibilities require that they contribute to the mission and goals of the Golden Apple Foundation of NM.  As an accomplished teacher, you have provided evidence that you have pedagogy and content knowledge. While you continuously develop your practice of teaching, a very important and needed pro- fessional extension is to share your knowledge within the education community, locally and statewide. The ways with which a Fellow can contribute are diverse, listed below are the past and current needs as our programs develop. New ways will emerge as our foundation and mission evolves.
Golden Apple Foundation of New Mexico strives to improve the quality of education in New Mexico through the recognition, recruitment and professional development of outstanding teachers. Our mission is divided into three ave- nues or segments; the Academy of Fellows, the Scholars Program and Professional Development.

Ways to be involved:

Scholars Program Contributions/Commitments
personal/individual mentor scholars institute mentor (8-10 scholars)
host for scholar classroom observations teaching scholars dossier mentor
recruit for scholars program
Teacher Tribute Contributions/Commitments
application reader distribute applications/encourage nominations
selection committee member teacher tribute committee
teacher tribute presenter
Professional Development Commitments
website/facebook webmaster online educational mentor
workshop provider professional development award overview
PED – teacher evaluation/student scores bi-lingual—TESOL
marketing/promotion digital resource librarian/coordinator
workshop/conference coordinator summer conferences
fellow function/activities committee organize fellow mentoring fellow program
Golden Apple Foundation Administrative Commitments 
“Fellow” board member office or clerical assistance
golden apple mission reflection/assessment grant reader (such as the Wells Fargo grant application)
We are Golden Apple Fellows and Teachers of Distinction, and excellent teachers of New Mexico.  If you have years of classroom experience, and a passion to move education forward in New Mexico, send an email to : gailr32@gmail.com, if you would like to join.

Janet Bruelhart Paula Jackson
Tammy Crespin Agapita Hopkins
Kristine Gracey Viola Hoskie
Steve Heil Paula Jackson
Carol Johansen Patricia Martinex
Linda Johnson Roni Rohr
Brita Judd
MaryHelen Kelly Darlene Argano
Rosemary Kirby Christine Biree
Caroline Kline Helen Garrett
Ginger Masoner Grace Hawkins-Perce
Don Oman Christine Laffler
Barbara Pearlman Stacy Lovell
Susan Quintana Janine Sammeth
Gail Ranshaw Silvia Sosa de Chavez
Pat Rivera Krystal Wood-Kofonow
Anthony Rodriguez
Linda Sanchez
Theresa Sandoval
Eric Strauss
Lisa Todd
Jeff Tuttle
Rachel Weihe
Cristal Wilson
Golden Apple Academy members please click here to go the “behind the scenes” site: Apple